Sekmen, Our Goal Is To Make Erzurum, Davos In Sports

Sekmen, Our Goal Is To Make Erzurum Davos In Sports: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen said that sport aims to make Erzurum Davos.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen said that sports aimed at making Erzurum Davos. President Sekmen made important statements about the European Youth Winter Olympics (EYOWF) 25, which was officially signed at the 44th Ordinary General Assembly of the Association of European Olympic Committees (EOC), at the press conference held at Café 2017 in Palandöken Ski Center. AK Party deputy of Erzurum Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu, Deputy Governor Ayhan Tailor, Deputy Chairman Eyüp Municipality Tavlaşoğlu, Turkey Ice Skating Federation President Dr. Dilek Okuyucu, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Ali Rıza Kiremitci, Erzurum Water and Sewerage Administration General Manager Mevlüt Vural, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ünsal Kıraç and Zafer Aynalı, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Fuat Taşkesenligil and other officials attended the meeting, President Secretary EYOWF 2017 ' He talked about the importance of the European Sports History. President Sekmen said, “The flag of EYOWF 2017 was delivered to us in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. We received the flag on behalf of the city. I wish our city to be good and auspicious, ”he said. EYOWF 2017'n Turkey and it is extremely important for the promotion of Erzurum expressing Tab President, he said: "EYOWF 2017 will provide an opportunity to promote our country and our city. It makes us proud to host such a European-level organization. As you know, Erzurum, which carries the Olympic spirit in all its layers, hosted the 2011th World Interuniversity Winter Olympics in 25. We got a nice experience and experience here. As the EYOWF is being transferred from 2019 to 2017, our Government made a commitment to Europe that the necessary financial support will be provided. Therefore, we also extend our gratitude to our Prime Minister, Ministers and Deputies. I hope we will come out of our minds together from EYOWF 50, one of the world's largest Olympic Winter Sports Organizations, where Olympic athletes under 17 from 2017 countries of Europe will compete. This great organization as well as sporting investment, ice skating, ice hockey and who will perform in individual and team sports competitions in kayaking, we aim to enter Turkey degrees. Of course, our federations have great duties here, rather than us. Because their main duty is to prepare the athletes for these competitions. We will host. Whatever support they ask from us, I express that we exist. "


President Mehmet Sekmen stated that the European Youth Winter Olympics made a great contribution to European countries in terms of promotion and tourism. Sekmen continued: “The European Youth Winter Olympics, held under the auspices of the European Olympic Committees and the International Olympic Committee, are a great opportunity for the promotion and development of European cities. We will hopefully make the best use of this opportunity in terms of Erzurum and introduce our tourism values ​​to Europe. The General Assembly in Erzurum, Turkey is a safe country, we stated that a safe city. See, we were told that snow is a burden because we have been a winter city since the past. Hopefully, we will strive to show that snow is not a bother, not a burden, but a blessing. Our whole goal is to 'make Erzurum Davos in sports'. I hope we will have other studies for this work from now on. Here, we mainly attach great importance to winter sports. While we attach importance to winter sports, we do not ignore other sports branches. We try to organize various organizations related to other sports branches here. The most important thing is that we have the right to represent and receive medals at these Olympics with the competitors from our city. This year, we will do our best to keep our salons empty in skiing and other sports. We have a summer season ahead of us. I express that we will do our part in the representation of our city in the best way by carrying our city to a more visible and beautiful position with its infrastructure and superstructure services. " Governor of Erzurum Dr. He thanked Ahmet Altıparmak. Sekmen said, “Our Governor of Erzurum Dr. I thank Ahmet Altıparmak. Our governor is an experienced manager. He is an experienced bureaucrat in tourism as he served as a governor in provinces such as Muğla and Antalya. We are going to Warsaw together. Because our guests who came to Erzurum for winter tourism mostly came from Poland, they made a clamor saying 'Erzurum is not a safe city but there is terror'. We will state that these claims are untrue. We will endeavor to announce to the public that we do not have such a problem with the press conferences we will hold there. We are going to Warsaw for such a mission. I hope it will be beneficial for our city ”.


AK Party Erzurum Deputy Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu noted that Erzurum will be illuminated by the light of the Olympic torch. Deputy Taşkesenlioğlu, said: "lives today and our next day of our Olympic enlightenment with the light we receive from the torch and Erzurum stronger again both the World Turkey, just as the Seljuk period, again a strong brand, just as the Ottoman era I want to start my words with the hope of being a city. First Erzurum European Youth Winter Olympics and saving our country, particularly the Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mehmet Sekmen and Erzurum our Governor, Turkey President Skating Federation Wishes Readers lady and labor would like to thank everyone who contributed. We are holding one more of the 3 important Olympics, which the whole world has watched with interest, in Erzurum, in the city where the torch of our liberation was first lit. I believe that here we lit the Olympic torch will prepare the ground for 2020 to be hosted by Turkey of the international Olympics. " Stating that Erzurum has become a brand city with Universiade 2011, Taşkesenlioğlu said, “Erzurum has become a brand city in 2011. For millions of dollars of investments, our government has given its hand to everything without saying 'no' to anything. We had only one problem; It meant 'the development of a province, the development of the region'. The development of a region was an important move in the development of the country. Therefore, both Turkey's EYOWF 2017 will lead to the development of both the region of Erzurum. In this sense, I and my other deputies will be a pioneer in this sense so that all investment channels that we can as the Government can flow back to Erzurum. The fact that 17 thousand young people were among us in different languages ​​and dialects on the streets of Erzurum will not only affect our cultural diversity, but will make love and peace be heard from Erzurum to the whole world. "Sports, just like literature, will allow love to spread from language to language from heart to heart, just like music."


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ali Rıza Kiremitci stated that sports is an opportunity in promotion and tourism. General Secretary Kiremitci said, “We strive to make every organization an opportunity for Erzurum. We want to make some contributions to this city by taking advantage of such organizations. On the one hand, while our teams about the organization are working, raising competitors there, on the other hand, we are constantly working on the field, taking advantage of this in urban transformation, environmental regulations and some investments, at the point of abusing our city. I am already excited about this, my President is more than I am. This year, we will dress at least 5-6 thousand young people in the back part of our Cafe 25 facility where we are located, take them to Palandöken and ski. We will give each student about 20 hours of skiing lessons and make them available for skiing. We will also certify this at the same time. At least 2017 thousand young skiers will have trained in 10. Everything is for this beautiful city, ”he said. Fuat Taşkesenligil, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports, gave the following comments: “All our facilities are ready for EYOWF 2017, but we continue to work here due to the collapse in the Jump Towers. It was held in the last tender in Jump Towers. In the summer, the process for the superstructure of the Jump Towers will be completed. Our curling hall is under maintenance… We will complete it in a short period of one month and prepare it for the World Junior Curling Championship. There is no problem in our other facilities. Of course, we started the maintenance of our facilities as we will host a large organization like EYOWF. We will be fully prepared for this process in the summer. According to the information I got from YURTKUR, there is no problem in the accommodation part. Currently, approximately 12 thousand athletes can stay in our city. This number will increase to 2017 thousand by EYOWF 17. We frequently organize sports events in Erzurum. EYOWF is also an organization we can tackle. In this sense, we have very experienced staff in Erzurum. I would like to state that we can handle this organization very easily. "


Ice Skating Federation Dr. Dilek Okuyucu talked about EYOWF 2017 in his speech. Dr. The reader noted: “EYOWF; It is a journey that started in 2012. Bosnia and Herzegovina was the host city of Sarai Bosnia, which will host the 2017 European Youth Winter Olympics. Due to the negative consequences they could have said they will seek help from these organizations and the Republic of Turkey at this point. We submitted this to our higher authorities. During the visit of our Prime Minister to Sarajevo, this issue was discussed at the Prime Ministerial level and our State declared that it could organize 2017. Then, other legal processes were completed and we took over the hosting of 2017 at the organization held in Prague last weekend. Our team has successfully completed this. We declared that we will host EYOWF 2017. In this sense, the whole procedure is completed. Mr.Mehmet Sekmen, our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor, conducted great diplomacy. Turkey's National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry was there with all our strength. We have to speed up the next process. We have a very short time like 14 months. Erzurum has international organization experience. The richness of facilities and the fact that our state is with us are the factors that make us strong. I hope we will receive medals in this organization and we will say from Erzurum to the whole world, "We are also very good in terms of sports."

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