Rail system works in Samsunda

Rail system works in Samsun: It has been reported that the construction of the rail system in Samsun between the Gar-Tekkeköy construction work continues.

Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt, in his written statement, said that between the two rail lines for the railway system-Tekkeköy railroads.

Stating that the construction of the viaducts is about to be completed, Yurt said, “The work continues on the 450-meter-long viaducts on the rail system. One of the viaducts rises in the Kılıçdede Junction region and the other rises in the area where Kutlukent is located. When our rail system is activated, we will have realized a rail system with a very low level crossing. ”

It was noted that the construction of the rail system that will connect both sides of Samsun is planned to be completed in 2016.

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