Rail System Line in Samsun to be Connected to Tekkeköy District in 2016

Rail System Line in Samsun Will Be Connected to Tekkeköy District in 2016: In Samsun, the rail system line will be connected to Tekkeköy district in 2016. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz announced that the rail system line will be in Tekkeköy district on 10.10.2016.

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “No one should doubt that we will make the transformation in Gülsan Industrial Site in the most fair way. We will make the appraisals to the judiciary. However, we will sit and agree with those who do not want to wait for the judicial period and say 'Let's get along'. ”

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Assembly The 24th meeting of November was held under the chairmanship of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, who gave information to the council members about the ongoing projects in Samsun prior to the discussion of the agenda items, stated that the tender for the mass housing of Kıranköy will be held and 953 houses will be tendered as the first stage.


Yılmaz said that the move started in Kıranköy, which is one of the urban transformation projects carried out by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in order to make the city center more modern and livable and to increase the comfort of living of people, said that the tender will be held on November 26.

Mayor Yılmaz stated that if the first phase of the 953-house tender is realized, a big transformation will begin in Kıranköy. Yılmaz explained that they are planning to demolish the parking garage in the square within the scope of the Cumhuriyet Square project and build a 2-storey car park instead.


Mayor Yılmaz, who shared that they wanted to remove the Gülsan Sanayi Sitesi and create a landscape area where the city would breathe, said, “Gülsan Sanayi Sitesi is an unrelated area, whose rights have been completed in 1987. First of all, we have an expropriation move about Ora. We will acquire properties that are not zoned with expropriation. From here I say with all my sincerity that these will be a process that will work by applying to the judicial authorities under our fully expropriation law. We will not be a victim of any of our citizens in any way. We never want our trades to be unhappy. Owners here will get whatever their rights are. We do not want to take the right of anyone and enter the plague. For this reason, no one should doubt that we will make the transformation we will make in Gülsan Sanayi Sitesi in the most fair way. We will make the appraisals to the judiciary. However, we will also sit down and agree with those who do not want to wait for the judicial period and say 'Let's get along'. With the restructuring we have done, we will get rid of that tin district. ”


Responding to those who wondered and asked what to do after Gülsan collapsed, Mayor Yılmaz said, “Gülsan will be 90 percent green area and will be used as a breathing landscape area of ​​the city. We will add necessary small accessories such as a religious and educational facility that should only be in a landscape area. But other than that, we will never put structures for trade and masses here. It will be a place that looks like a gleaming paradise. ”


Expressing that the rail system, which increases the prestige of the city and makes Samsun look different, stated that the 14-kilometer line between Gar and Tekkkeköy will be completed in 10.10.2016. Emphasizing on city aesthetics in his parliamentary speech, Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “The issue of aesthetics is not an event that brings huge costs. To solve this problem lies in changing our perspective. We will tell our citizens the importance of urban aesthetics. Look, Çiftlik Caddesi is over. Before starting there, the citizen was very reactive. However, after it was over, everyone was talking about how correct it was. Currently Ranch Main Street was our example in Turkey. There are even those who come from other metropolitan municipalities and receive information about us. Now we will quickly enter Cumhuriyet Square, Irmak Street. I want my determination in this regard to be known to everyone ”.


Addressing the district mayors who want to apply the aesthetics issue in their own districts, Yılmaz also said, “Know about the cost and cost of this work that I will not avoid anything. If necessary, I use a loan, I find a loan, but I still give that money to our heads. Because the improvement of the facades of the buildings will further increase the prestige of our districts. ”


Noting that there is illegal construction in Samsun to the extent that it does not deserve recently, Mayor Yılmaz stated that they will continue their determination to fight illegal structures. Finally speaking about the ongoing project in Saathane, Mayor Yılmaz said: “We are in a struggle in Saathane. As you dig there, an ancient civilization emerged. There are two walls. One of the Danismenters and one of the walls from the Seljuk period. We built slums on those walls. Would such a thing happen? I am ashamed. We are not such a people. How could we be so greedy? We built shelter shops and sold olives there. And now, with the influence of experts, the judiciary makes very wrong decisions in our struggle while expanding the place. But we will fight. We will carry this struggle to the point where we can carry it. Leave the Black Sea Saathane you feel in your heart the most powerful signs of the past in Turkey will bring a respectable hardware. We will reveal a gleaming historical heritage there. ”


The agenda items were discussed after President Yılmaz gave information about the projects in the parliament. In the assembly where 33 items of the agenda were discussed, the items were unanimously approved. Opr, who was murdered in a private hospital at the end of the meeting. Dr. Yilmaz, who conveyed his condolences to Aynur Dagdemir's family, made a proposal to the members of the assembly to give Aynur Dagdemir's name to the street where his house was located. This proposal was accepted by the councilors.

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