Antalya's Transportation Discussed in Tuesday Group

Antalya's Transportation was Discussed in the Tuesday Group: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Hülya Atalay, who was a guest at the weekly meeting of the SALI Industrialists and Businessmen Group (Tuesday Group), talked about the work done on transportation.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Hülya Atalay was the guest of the meeting hosted by the President of Tuesday Group Muharrem Koç at the Antalya Tennis Specialization and Sports Club (ATİK). Atalay talked about the breakthroughs in transportation in Antalya in recent years. Referring to the developments regarding the rail system in Antalya, Atalay stated that the first rail system study was carried out during the period of Hasan Subaşı. Atalay pointed out that the second stage in the rail system after the nostalgia tram line was built in the first period of Mayor Menderes Türel and noted that this line, which is Meydan-Fatih, is 11 kilometers.


Pointing out that the third stage of the rail system has started, Atalay said, “The work of the line, which is the continuation of the tram line in Meydan, has started. Work has begun to purchase 18 vehicles for the 18-kilometer line. For the third stage of the rail system, only the idea projects are currently in progress, ”he said.


Stating that the transportation sector is a dynamic sector, Atalay said, “It is a sector with high rent and high demand. The part we need to be satisfied is not only a certain part of the city, but everyone who steps into the street is in anticipation. Therefore, we have a responsibility to every citizen living in the city. This happens in the sense of public transportation, in terms of road, security, signal, service, everything is in a different sector of transportation, ”he said.


Pointing out that the borders of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality cover the entire city with the Tümşehir Law, Hülya Atalay said that the Metropolitan now serves not only the central 5 districts but the whole city. Stating that Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is ahead among the municipalities that made the metropolitan restructuring fastest, Atalay said, “We spent a great amount of time to get to know the problems of the districts during this structuring period. We couldn't yet do what we wanted to do about transportation. We are currently in the implementation phase. Our next process will be more active. "Until now, our process has been focused more on examining and gathering information."

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