Roadblock not suitable for Salda Ski Center

📩 24/11/2018 14:31

Salda Ski Center is not deserving of the road shame: Burdur in the town of Yeşilova in the year of 2012 Salda Ski Center in the way of the transportation provided Burdur'a not suitable.

The Yeşilova-Niyazlar Village Road, which is one of the tourism values ​​of Burdur, but which has not yet reached the national level, is being reacted by the citizens.

Used for the Salda Ski Resort and the village transportation, the pits and humps formed on the 5 kilometer road damage both vehicles and pave the way for possible accidents.

Salda Ski Center should be able to work both in the country and in order for the citizens to travel safely.


Ferahi Ulukuş, who stated that they use the village road frequently, said that they were quite uncomfortable with the situation of the road and that the road should be corrected by working by the state authorities as soon as possible.


Due to the lack of snowfall, the road will not only begin in the ski season, but also will provide safe access to both the skiing center and the village.