Sahin, Zonguldak-Karabuk Train Trips to Begin the End of the Month

Şahin, Zonguldak-Karabük Train Schedules Will Begin at the End of the Month: AKP Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Şahin said at the ceremony he attended in Yenice, “Train services start at the end of the month”.

AKP Deputy Chairman of Political Affairs and Karabük MP Mehmet Ali Şahin continued his election trips in Yenice after the November 1 elections. Speaking to the 2 thousand people at the dinner organized by the AKP's Yenice District Presidency's father's restaurant, Sayvan, Sahin said that the publicly-anticipated train service would start until the end of the month. General Director of State Railways personally met with the instructions to start the train between Zonguldak-Karabuk Sahin said, "the trains will either start until the end of the month, or will begin." He said. Sahin, Yenice-Zonguldak road for the construction of the double-button pushed the button, this issue was taken into the program, he said.


The AKP deputies promised several dates for the train flights that hit the business and trade life of the people of the region. However, every time the dates were given fos. Officials said that one of the current 2 trains hit the cow and their electronic systems were damaged, so they were removed from the voyage. Ik We repaired the damaged train. On the third train. Since the project is carried out with foreign capital, we will review the signaling system for the last time and start scheduled flights. ” The people of Zonguldak want to end the ordeal of the high-speed train that has been going on for years.

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  1. The 4-4.5 hour Ankara-Zonguldak train journey would be ideal. DMU Zonguldak-Ankara-Zonguldak between Zonguldak-Karabük and Çankiri-Ankara in the form of suburbs. This service can be realized by a conventional but fast train that will stop only in provinces and districts. It is appropriate to move from Zonguldak around 12 at night and from Ankara around 16-17 during the day. Depending on the need, a train (DMU) can be added at the end of the Friday evening (around 17.30).