She took the risk and saved the cat from the railroad.

He took the risk and rescued the cat on the tracks: A young man in Bursa, in the underground light rail system station, caught the kitten, who was in danger of being crushed, on the tracks, and handed him over to the security guards.

A passenger waiting at the underground station of the light rail system (BursaRay), where public transportation is provided in Bursa, jumped from the platform and rescued the kitten who was in danger of being crushed. Biting the passenger's finger, the cat was released after feeding for a while.

Passengers waiting at BursaRay Demirtaşpaşa Station in the central Osmangazi district noticed a cat walking on the rails.

The car jumped in front of a car engaged in the Arabayatağı-Emek, the passenger's braking with the warning that the survivor survived the crush. Then the security guards of the station trying to catch the cat was not successful.

Metin Tepe (26), a passenger, took action to rescue the cat after the vehicle left the station. Jumping onto the tracks, Tepe grabbed his coat and grabbed the cat and brought it to the tower and handed it over to the security guards at the station.

The cat was released after being fed by BursaRay employees for a while.

Tepe, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, while waiting at the station with other passengers heard the voice of the cat said.

Stating that they are trying to understand where the sound came from, Tepe told what he experienced:

“Everyone was trying to reach for the cat. I also tried to lie down. He came in front of me, tried to save it but couldn't reach it. Meanwhile, the train was approaching. We tried to tell the driver that the cat was on the rails with a hand sign, we wanted it to be slow. When the train stopped, the cat ran away. Since then my mind was on the cat, 7 times the train passed in my direction but I did not get on. I tried to intervene whenever there was no train. The train comes to the stop every 5 minutes. During that time, I intervened. I spent about two hours. The cat came aside last to me. I threw my coat over him so he wouldn't run away and went down the rails and took it off. The cat bit my finger as I caught it. Then I handed it over to the security guard. I know it's a dangerous job, but I couldn't leave that cat there. ”

Tepe, the cat took the rails and the perona came out of the passengers applauded and congratulated him told.

Rescue of the cat as a result of long efforts also included in the security camera images.

Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management (BURULAŞ), the operator of BursaRay, stated that it is dangerous to land on the rails, and there are plenty of warning signs at the stations.

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