Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri prepared "Ski Package"

Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri has prepared the “Ski Package”: Unveiling the 2016 Ski Package for ski and snowboard enthusiasts, Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri has prepared a very special price for everyone to practice skiing.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri 2016 Ski Package has been announced as 170 TL per person in a double room. This price includes 1 night accommodation, open buffet breakfast, transfer to Erciyes Mountain and unlimited ski pass.


Kayseri is an Anatolian city with 6 thousand years of civilization history. Although it has a reputation that comes with trade; At the same time, it is a tourism city where traces of Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans and Republic can be seen. Kayseri's biggest tourism value is Mount Erciyes, the largest in Central Anatolia. With the Erciyes Master Plan of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes, which has been transformed into an Alpine-standard ski resort in recent years, is the most important tourism treasure of the city in terms of winter tourism. Erciyes Winter and Tourism Center, the flagship of Kayseri tourism, offers about 7 thousand people the opportunity to ski a day.


Stating that they participated in tourism fairs to introduce Kayseri to the world, Fercan President, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri, said, “In November, we attended the Philoxenia International Tourism Fair in Thessaloniki, Greece. We will continue to participate in domestic and international tourism fairs. In addition to the fairs, we will organize a workshop in Kayseri in December for the agents coming from the Middle East. In the fairs and meetings we attend both at home and abroad; We continue to promote Kayseri in the most effective way both in online marketing channels ”.

Expressing that the hotel, which opened in the last quarter of 2014, has brought great value and acceleration to Kayseri tourism, Fercan President said, “With its cultural and historical tourism, winter tourism, and the dynamism in business life; "It will continue to be the shining star of both our country and the geography we are in."


At the Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri, Fercan President stated that they received high demand from local and foreign businessmen.

“We provide a very high level of service with Turkish hospitality and international standards. At the same time, we are involved in many projects in order to develop tourism awareness in our city. In our hotel, we host businessmen from all over the world, especially German and Spanish businessmen, as well as local businessmen. We host the meetings of the business world and non-governmental organizations in our city.

As a hotel, we received the 'Green Star' certificate issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to environmentally friendly accommodation facilities. At the same time, we take the lead in corporate social responsibility projects. We met with 7 children between the ages of 17 and 75 staying in children's homes for breakfast. In the month of Ashura, we visited Kayseri Nursing Home, not forgetting our elders. Our hotel staff donated blood in the vehicle of the Red Crescent, which came to our hotel during the Red Crescent Week. As a leading tourism enterprise leading its sector, we will increasingly continue our corporate social responsibility projects. "

Fercan Chairman pointed out the importance of continuous training to the staff to be successful with the hotel sector, which is the service sector, and stated that the hotel staff continued to receive continuing education on various subjects such as foreign language, leadership, marketing, communication, first aid.

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