Traces of Orient Express at TCDD Istanbul Railway Museum

Traces of Orient Express at TCDD Istanbul Railway Museum: Sirkeci Station, once crowded like 'Mahmutpaşa', hosting its famous Orient Express and its famous guests, is now far from its old days. However, if you want to remember those days, we have a good suggestion that perhaps many people are not aware of; 'TCDD Istanbul Railway Museum… ”

“In 1976 I started to work at the Sirkeci Station box office. There would be a community of people at the entrance, like labor markets ... They would go to Germany every day.

In the morning we opened the box office and used to work 30 people. There were international tolls, Anatolian tolls in front of it, and Suburban tolls in the hall. We used to work on duty, it was very difficult to find a place. Passengers were not turning as they went. The sacks they brought from Anatolia were full of clothes. Our passengers were many. The crowd was like Mahmutpaşa ... There were many tourists. They would go to Germany through Greece… ”

Semiha Akbudak, who worked as a box office clerk in Sirkeci Gar for years, remembers the moving days of Sirkeci Station. In those days, many expressions were lifted to Europe, and many people from Europe moved to Sirkeci Station.

Sirkeci-Halkalı the electric commuter trains running from early morning to midnight would also move people from the remote districts of the city to the center of the city, then in the evening they would be the opposite. Now, Sirkeci Railway Station is moving with the passengers of Marmaray.

II. At the time of Abdulhamit the 1890 station was designed by the German architect August Jachmund. The historic gar also accommodated the famous Orient Express. Remarkable passengers from Paris were taken to the famous Pera Hotel. Today Sirkeci Station is far from the old days. If we want to remember our train world in the past, we will visit the ak TCDD Istanbul Railway Museum “in the Sirkeci Station.


There are traces on the Baghdad Railway, Orient Express, commuter trains, Anatolian Railway Lines, which were started at 1903. When we enter the door, Sirkeci-Halkalı We are encountering a machinist section cut off from a commuter train of French production that runs between.

Massive Sirkeci Station bay watch, railroad hats, collar kokilikar, conductor money bags, express signs and tags, Sirkeci Station in the waiting room tile stove, motion officer outfit, old typewriters and telegrams, Orient Express'te dinner sets, Baghdad

Photos taken in railways, personal photo albums, photos of business directors and assistant managers, bronze medals gifted at business openings, old calculators, suburban train model… All in this museum.

The museum manager Ruhan Çelebi, introducing himself as a railroad officer, says: ı The lack of a museum of railways in Istanbul, which has two monuments such as Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci, was a big drawback.

My dream is this museum opened at 23 May 2005. Everything from the railway culture is here. one portion of the first electrical engineer units used in Turkey is different from other museums TCDD. I wish the young railwaymen to care and develop the museum. Genç

This important museum in Sirkeci Station is not so easily noticed. Locate the historic train museum and wander sign of Turkey's railways Take a look at the moment ...

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