Children's interest in Olympos Teleferik at Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport, Olympos Teleferik'a children's interest: Antalya Airport domestic and international lines created by the ropeway theme park with children attracted the interest Olympos Teleferik, signed a creative presentation work.

Kemer is the world's number one and the longest cable car in Europe, which is the Olympos Teleferik; At the beginning of the season, 2015 has made publicity and attracted the attention of the children. EXPO 2016 logos are included in the game areas created, while in 2016, EXPO will be promoted which will make a great contribution to Antalya tourism. Next year, the playgrounds will continue to take place at the airport.

Olympos Teleferik Sales Manager Haydar Culfa said in his statement: ğ At the beginning of the year 2015 was welcomed with great acclaim by the guests from the children's playgrounds we made in the passenger landing section of the domestic and international lines of Antalya Airport. Especially in the summer period, families with children come down from the plane to pick up their luggage and the areas with the theme of the cable car became the indispensable areas of the children. In particular, the children waited to take their baggage while the children spent their time here. While we were playing our game area, we didn't just observe an advertising target, and we were going to put the EXPO 2016 or the place where children and flowers were going to make a great contribution.