Nostalgia Trolley at Weaving (Photo Gallery)

Nostalgia Tram In Weaving: A nostalgia tram was placed in the old weaving factory, one of the historical values ​​of Antalya.

Different usage areas of Kepez Municipality and Antalya kazanWeaving Factory, which draws attention with its innovations, takes on its new face. Work continues at the historic factory, which will become a modern living center with its renovated buildings and landscaping. As a result of the cleaning, renovation and landscaping works of Kepez Municipality, the Weaving Factory building and land started to regain their vitality and beauty in the days when it was in service. One of the most important and remarkable works of weaving was the nostalgia tram. The construction of the tram, which is one of the important projects of Mayor Tütüncü, took about three months. The tram, which is completely handcrafted and indistinguishable from the original, took its place in the garden of the Weaving Factory. Turkey's first tram, designed by Sultan Abdulhamit and inspiring the whole world in metro construction, started to be exhibited at Dokuma.

Expressing that a very big dream is happening in the Mayor of Kepez Hakan Tütüncü, in the weaving garden will be exhibited works that left their mark on history. I This tram will draw attention to a great history, tram he said. Our aim is not only to decorate the photos of visitors, but also to remind them of a late date. Following the work of Sultan Abdülhamit who made the first metro planning in 1800s, we aim to shed light on history by sharing the story of 90 with the visitors of this trolley, which is the place of the year and inspired by the whole world. N

President Tütüncü's 488 acres of weaving land, the city's new life, science and art center will make the project continues unabated. The factory, where the teams from international universities visit and produce the project and the Kepez Municipality continues to work, is renewed every day. The landscaping works of nostalgic concept, which Tütüncü modeled in different cities and countries, are completed. Tütüncü, who stated that they planned to open a part of Dokuma in the end of December, will give a good opening.

The first car of the car, which is the protagonist of another sad story of domestic production, is the Revolutionary Car, which is also made by the masters as Tütüncü's project. The car, which is a short time to complete, will be exhibited in Dokuma as a nostalgic tram and will offer a short journey to recent history.

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