New Trams from CAF to the Cities of America

New Trams from CAF to American Cities: The trams produced for Cincinnati and Kansas City at CAF's Elmira factory in New York, USA were delivered to the cities. The first of 5 Urbos 3 trams ordered by the city of Cincinnati was delivered on October 30th. Kansas City received the first of 4 Urbos 3 trams on 2 November.

The produced Urbos 3 trolleys consist of 3 wagons and are designed with 100 low floor. the trams, which could not be delivered yet, will be delivered in a short time.

The Cincinnati city tram line will have an 5,8 km long and 18 station station. The line is scheduled to open in September of 2016. Hat Transdev Services Inc. to be controlled by. The Kansas City tram line will have an 3,1 km long and 10 station. The line to be controlled by Herzag Transit Services is scheduled to open next year.



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