Moscow subway shock

Subway shock for the Moscow players: Lokomotiv Moscow, who is in the same group with Beşiktaş in the UEFA Europa League Group H, had to go to the Sporting Lisbon match that he will host at home when he got stuck in traffic,

Lokomotiv Moscow players, who set off from Bakovka, where the team facilities are located, by the team bus, found the solution to go to the stadium by metro when the work got stuck in Moscow traffic.

Among the astonished looks of the Muscovites, star players traveling on the subway experienced this interesting experience, while the colorful images appeared. Footballers like the citizens who have plenty of selfie, the players did not neglect to document this unusual experience.

Despite this unexpected setback, the Lokomotiv football players, who reached the match, were 5-1 ahead in the 0th minute against Sporting Lisbon, but lost 4-2 without the encounter and lost the leadership seat to Beşiktaş, our representative in the same group.

As will be remembered, in 2006, Spartak was able to catch the Inter match he hosted in the European Champions League match in Moscow using the subway.

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