Winter cleaning in metrobuses (Photo Gallery)

Winter cleaning in metrobuses: IETT officials mobilized the risk of infectious disease increasing with the air cooling. Metrobuses carrying approximately one million passengers every day are subjected to winter cleaning and disinfection and secured against microbes.

With the onset of cold weather, the risk of infectious disease began to threaten the society. At this point, the public transportation vehicles used by millions of people every day are among the first of these risk factors. In this context, the rules of hygiene in public transport are obeyed.

The daily transport vehicle of IETT, which carries about 4 million of the 1 million passengers every day, ranks first in the transportation vehicles preferred by the citizens. The most preferred urban transportation vehicles are also very important for cleanliness.

Answering the questions of citizens in the minds of citizens IETT Edirnekapi Garage Manager Arif Ozkan, every day periodic cleaning and disinfecting operations by specifying that the passengers can use the public transport vehicles with peace of mind, he said.

IETT Edirnekapı Garage Manager Arif Özkan stated that the works on hygiene in IETT vehicles continue uninterruptedly and said et We carry about one million passengers with our 500 metrobus. This is one of the factors that require us to carry out our problematic and hygiene work on the BRT line. Cleaning of all tools of IETT is kept in the foreground. In this context, the handle with the most contacted passenger is cleaned with effective antibacterial products, Bu he said.

Özkan said that they do routine cleaning every day, ız Our vehicles after the end of the garage returned to the cleaning area after external washing. Only in Edirnekapı IETT Garage 100 cleaning staff is working. There are various distributions of these personnel as of the working area Bu.

Arif Özkan stated that the metrobus and other public transportation vehicles can be used with peace of mind and added l I would like to mention that we bring hygiene practices in addition to the approaching of the winter season every day. Apart from cleaning, our air conditioners were ready for winter. Winter was done. We aim our passengers to travel safely. We can say that we are ready for winter as IETT. Our summer and winter disinfection processes continue. We have cooperations with professional firms in this regard Bu.

Turgay Ekinci said that my teacher used metrobus while he was going to and from school every day and said, gidip May Allah bless those who offer this service. I am very pleased. I find clean BRTs. Temiz

Koray Dalkılıç stated that public transport is indispensable and said, ifade I use metrobus every day. Hygiene should be given importance in metrobuses. But citizens must pay attention to outside the authorities, esi he said.

Stating that an individual effort on hygiene is also necessary, Sebahat Çelik said, çab We prefer it because we are retired. I'm being careful about cleaning. Sometimes I use gloves and sometimes I use wet wipes. So we try to keep our hands clean. Apart from general cleaning, individuals also have duties. Metrobuses need maintenance, bakım he said.

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