Metrobus passengers want metro

Metrobus passengers want subway: Istanbul's urban transportation, the first time in the beginning of the comfort of the metrobus are now struggling to remove the traffic load. Metrobus intense use of passengers, especially in the Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu line from time to time the point of clogging the metro line instead of metrobus observed that they want to be implemented.

  1. International Istanbul TUYAP Book Fair the previous evening metrobus Beylikdüzü TÜYAP metrobus stop created the stop. Passengers could not get out of the normal doors after they came down from the BRT. Due to the confluence, the fence around the stop was destroyed. Passengers on the stop went through the broken wire fence. Passengers who had to take the metrobus from the same station had to wait for the station to be unloaded for hours. The trucks and looms of the peddlers parked around the station also delayed the disintegration of the crowd.

One of the passengers who suffered due to the intensity experienced, “Avcılar, Beşyol, Sefaköy, Yenibosna, Şirinevler, which are used intensively in the morning and evening hours, cevizliBağ, human traffic at Zincirlikuyu metrobus stops causes metrobuses to queue. When it first started, I was coming from Beylikdüzü to Şirinevler in 2012 minutes. Now I can come in 35 minutes in the morning hours. If I'm getting on from the first stop, I can find a seat on the metrobus. From the next stop, there is not the slightest space to breathe inside, and for nearly 55 hour, everyone is experiencing great trouble. Neither the elderly nor pregnant women are included in the vehicles. Warning notices about this are also insufficient. In addition, there are frequent fights between those who wait in the queues due to the crowd at the stops in the morning and those who want to enter from the side ”. Another passenger said, "If the metrobuses departing every 1-15 seconds from the first stop in the morning are also insufficient, isn't the only solution to the trouble to build the metro line as soon as possible?" said.

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