Reduces traffic percentage 30 if Marmaray ends half left

Marmaray If it runs out halfway, traffic decreases by 30 percent: The 2004-kilometer section of Marmaray, projected in 13, was opened in 2013. 63 kilometers of the project is still not completed. It is stated that if Marmaray is finished, city traffic will decrease by 30 percent.

The fact that Marmaray, which is designed to alleviate the transportation problem of Istanbul, is unfinished, negatively affecting the city traffic. Gebze-Halkalı It is stated that the city traffic will be relieved with the completion of Marmaray, which will serve between.

The work on the 63-kilometer part of Marmaray, which was expected to be completed in June, was slowed down due to the increase in cost. The Spanish company OHL has only dismantled old railway lines in the past 28 months. The continuation of the project HalkalıThe suburban lines between Kazlıçeşme and Gebze-Söğütlüçeşme would be modernized and upgraded to the metro standard. Although it was announced that the Marmaray line would be ready in 2 years, the old suburban lines were not modernized in the past 28 months. While the old suburban line with 45 stations that passes through many settlements was waiting to be built as a construction site, the 10-and 32-set trains that were bought for the line were almost left to rot. The 28-kilometer Gebze-Pendik line, which was built in 20 months, was not opened to public transportation. This line is only used for intercity passenger transportation.


Mithat Ercan, Head of the Istanbul Branch No.30 of the United Transportation Employees Union, who has been working as a machinist at the State Railways for 1 years, said: “In the rail system, in principle, first roads and facilities were built and then units (wagons) were brought. But this was not the case in Marmaray. The perception of the project is completed in the public opinion. However, for most of the project, only the rails were removed. Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations are idle. 10 train sets consisting of 32 wagons were purchased from South Korea. Since the suburban lines were not modernized, trains worth 384 million Euros were left to rot. Suburban flights have not been made for 28 months. Freight trains are also not operated. The state has great harm. Opposition parties never raised the issue before the elections. "

Stating that the density of vehicles on the highway increased with the removal of suburban train services, Ercan continued: “Marmaray is covered. The project is not completed by dismantling the rails. We have been demonstrating on Sundays for 170 weeks. Gebze-Halkalı If the line is switched on, the city traffic is reduced by at least 30. Because people are not keen to spend most of their time on the highway. Solution of traffic; rail system. When the suburban trains were removed, the density entered the highway. In this case, the traffic has returned to anguish. Hal


Tuzla-Halkalı Stating that there has been no train operating for 2 years, Mithat Ercan said, “We were downloading tobacco at the Maltepe station, we were downloading military vehicles, now it is a thing of the past. High speed train passengers get off in Pendik. Citizens come from Ankara to Istanbul in three hours, but cannot reach their home in Istanbul in three hours. If there was a suburban train, he would get off the fast train, immediately get on the suburban train and reach his home in a short time. " he spoke.

Pointing out that the unfinished part of Marmaray can be completed in 7-8 months if sensitivity is shown, Mithat Ercan said, “However, it does not seem possible to finish before two years in its current state. At the meeting held last week, it was decided to start the construction works between Haydarpaşa-Pendik, where the rails were dismantled 2 years ago. Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı There is no decision yet, no work. I've been 30 for years. We used to run the day train, we used to make the road at night. Now ready to remove the rails were removed. M He said.

Turkey Traffic Accidents Prevention Association President Attorney Hitay Day is the rail traffic in the city to relax significantly upon the completion of the Marmaray he said. Güner said: “We have been singing for years; The solution of heavy traffic is to go underground and improve the rail system. Gebze-Halkalı If the rail system between the cities is completed, the traffic of the city breathes. arasındaki

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