Freight train hit a car in Manisa (Video)

Freight train hit the car in Manisa: A freight train collided with a car in Manisa. The driver of the vehicle, Ahmet A. (33), who drifted hundreds of meters due to the impact of the collision, survived the accident by chance with small scratches.

At the level crossing on Mehmetçik Street in the Şehzadeler District of MANİSA, the freight train hit the car. Luckily, there was no death in the car that drifted hundreds of meters.

The incident occurred at around 16.00 at the level crossing in front of the Manisa Mental Health and Diseases Hospital. Ahmet A. (45), the driver of the car with 472 HA 33 license plate, continued on his way at the level crossing without noticing that the freight train was coming. The freight train coming from Turgutlu to Manisa warned with a siren, and although it pulled its lever on the brake, the accident was inevitable.

The freight train crashed into the 45 HA 472 vehicle under the direction of Ahmet A. and dragged it hundreds of meters. The driver of the vehicle, Ahmet A., who drifted about 250 meters, by chance survived the accident with minor abrasions. Ahmet A., who was observed to be shocked after the accident, was taken to Manisa State Hospital after his first intervention at the scene and taken under custody.

Police launched an investigation into the incident.



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