Kurt, ask us for the tram

Kurt, Let us also ask for Tram: Mustafa Kurt, President of the Chamber of Buses and Minibuses said that they are ready to cooperate with the Metropolitan Municipality in connection with the Tramway Project.

Kurt, olm the tram system should be integrated with the routes of the city vans so that the public can benefit from the public. If we are asked our opinion and suggestions, we are ready to contribute to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in this regard. Bize

President of the Chamber of Ministers Kurt said, hem When building the system of public transport, it is necessary to protect the interests of both the citizens and the people living in this sector. Metropolitan Municipality and minibus tradesmen should be in win-win relationship. This is very important for the cost of the tram system. It is in everyone's interest to determine the most accurate model and routes for the public transport system in this city, Bu he said.



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