Tram stop maintenance in Konya

Tram stop maintenance in Konya: Tramway maintenance works will no longer work after hours of 21.00.

The tram line will no longer work after hours 21.00 due to maintenance work. Instead, the tram line buses allocated by the municipality will serve the public. Since the maintenance and repair works of the tram line were not completed since the summer months, it was decided to continue work by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems. According to this decision, since the 21.00 Alaaddin-campus between the lines of the tram, instead of the tram line will serve the bus. There is no clear information about when the works will end. Frequent maintenance of the maintenance work is causing the disruption of the daily life of the citizens. Citizens suffering from the shortage of bus numbers complain about the situation. Citizens who want to increase the number of buses within this period, said they want to end the work in a short time.

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