Kastamonu Cable Car Project signed

The Kastamonu Cable Car Project was signed: North Anatolian Development Agency (KUZKA) signed a financial support contract for Kastamonu Municipality and Kastamonu City Center Ropeway Project within the scope of the 2015 Year Regional Infrastructure Development Financial Support Program (BAP2).

The financial support contract of the Kastamonu City Center Cable Car Project was signed by the Deputy Mayor of Kastamonu, Ahmet Sevgilioğlu and KUZKA Secretary General Ramazan Çağlar in the presidency of Kastamonu Municipality within the scope of 2015 Year Regional Infrastructure Development Financial Support Program.

Within the scope of the project, 3,6 million TL, 28 part of 1 will be provided by KUZKA to the sağlan Kastamonu Provincial Center Ropeway Project X project with the budget of 2.6 million TL in the city center by Kastamonu Municipality.

Kastamonu city center will be built in the 1 long-distance cable car between the Clock Tower and Seyrangah Hill is provided, while the project also aims to revive Kastamonu tourism.

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