Season excitement at Kartepe Ski Center

Season excitement at Kartepe Ski Center: The ski center in Kartepe, which is built on an area of ​​3 million square meters, which attracts great attention due to its distance to Istanbul, aims to host thousands of ski lovers this season.

Winter season preparations have been completed in the ski center in Kartepe, which is established on an area of ​​640 million square meters at the summit of the Samanlı Mountains with an altitude of 3. General Manager of Kartepe Ski Center, Çıkıcıoğlu said, “We see a significant level of demand from Istanbul. I think that the number of foreign tourists coming to our facility will gradually increase ”.

Kartepe, where many teams from Arab countries and Russia camp in the summer season, is among the favorite centers preferred by ski enthusiasts in the winter season. The ability to watch Kartepe, Izmit Bay and Sapanca Lake at the same time attract the attention of ski lovers with its natural beauties and tracks suitable for all levels.

Kartepe Ski Center General Manager Önder Sıkıcıoğl, AA said in a statement to reporters, stating that they are one of Turkey's most important ski centers, it is 1 hour from Istanbul hence also stated that they have serious potential.

Explaining that they can host both the guests who stay and the daily visitors, Çekıcıoğlu said, “Considering that the density of daily guests increases during the winter months, approximately 150 thousand people visit this place during the season. I hope that if it snows at the end of this month, we will enter the winter season ”.

Önder Sıkıcıoğlu stated that the chairlift services were built, all the ropes were removed and X-rays were taken, the inspectors from the Ministry of Youth and Sports supervised the runways and mechanical parts and that the report was not a problem.

"The return of football camp periods will also be in winter"

Stressing that the most important capital of ski resorts is snow, “We are also looking at it, we hear that this year will be a busier winter. This is a place in high demand. We do not have any problems in hotel accommodation, but there is difficulty in the service against daily visitors ”.

Tightening, the Arab and Gulf countries, receiving a lot of visitors, stating, said:

“We have an important potential from Arab and Gulf countries. We also have guests from Russia in winter. Guests from the Middle East will also be this season. Apart from that, of course, local tourism is our market in Istanbul. We see a significant level of demand from Istanbul. I think the number of foreign tourists coming to our facility will gradually increase. Those who come in groups by touring come in the morning, skiing, eat sausage bread at noon, and go back home in the evening. We also have a serious potential from Kocaeli. "

Noting that a large number of people in the group of foreign teams especially during the football camp period preferred Kartepe for the ski season, Çekıcıoğlu stated that they aim to host thousands of people during the season by using this advantage.

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