Green tram coming to Izmir

Green tram coming to Izmir:Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the 40 percent of the rail laying works in the tram, starts the rail laying works of the Konak line in front of the Air Training Command tomorrow. Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard on the road and the sea side 4. The Konak tram, designed as a strip, will proceed on the grass ground. In the middle median, the “green road gibi will be created as in Ankara Asfaltı.

Prepared to breathe in urban traffic and support transportation with environmental investments Karşıyaka- Another step is taken in Konak tram project. While continuing the construction of tram wagons, workshops and support buildings, KarşıyakaMetropolitan Municipality continues to work on rail laying in Izmir, Konak tram line for the 14 November 2015 Saturday (tomorrow) Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard Air Training Command begins in front of the rail laying process.

3 once per minute
4 on the road to be on the sea and land side on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard. Konak tramway, which is projected on two separate lines as a strip, will be applied as en green section şerit on grass ground.
F.Altay Square - Konak-Halkapinar between 12.7 and 19 stops, 21 will provide service with the Konak Tramway, peak times, 3'er minutes, 4-5 minutes will work at other times.
F. The tramway line, which will start from the side of the market square in Altay Square; Şehit Binbaşı Ali, where the tax office is located, will go to the beach following the official Tufan Street and on the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı, two separate lines as land and sea side. will continue. The line that will pass under the pedestrian overpass of Göztepe will continue along the coast and reach Konak.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, when deemed necessary for the security of the area during rail laying, the work will be closed in a section of the road as a ği partial ray traffic.

The 3 strip in traffic will be protected
The irregular plants which are not developed in salty ground and in a narrow space in the present state will be arranged and rehabilitated in accordance with the new road profile in coordination with the tram construction works in Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard. In this region, just like the application carried out in Bornova Ankara Asphalt, the new Green Road will be created.
This arrangement will continue to serve as the road traffic to the Beach Boulevard 3 strip going-3 strip arrival. 4 with green section. Along with the tram, the signaling infrastructure will be renewed within the scope of the Smart Traffic System and a safe and sustainable access will be provided.

2 underground car parking lot
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality breathes new life into urban transportation kazanIn addition to this great transportation investment that will continue to increase, it continues its efforts to implement a series of projects in parallel with the Konak tramway. In this context, it continues to work on projects for the construction of pedestrian platforms suitable for disabled access in Susuzdede and Karataş regions for the effective use of the coast and facilitating access. After the completion of the highway underpass, the construction of which was started in the section where Mithatpaşa Park is located, the upper section will be arranged and a 42 thousand square meter green area and square arrangement will be made on the coast. In order to overcome the parking problem that may occur in the region, project studies are continuing for the construction of an underground car park with a capacity of 2 vehicles in the Göztepe region.

Karşıyakapercent 40 out of line in Turkey
Karşıyaka Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the construction of workshops and support buildings for Karşıyaka line rail laying work exceeded the level of 40 percent.

Cost 390 million TL
Konak Tram which has 12.7 kilometer-long 19 stops and 9.87 kilometer-long 15 stops, which were implemented to complement the subway system. Karşıyaka The total cost of the 38 vehicle that will work on these lines with the tram reaches 390 million pounds. The tram lines are scheduled to start service at the end of 2017.

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