The emphasis on logistics center for Izmir

Emphasis on the logistics center for Izmir: IZMIR University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. M. Hakan Keskin, Turkey's export target of $ 2023 billion in 500, but the logistics ...

IZMIR University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. M. Hakan Keskin, Turkey's export target of $ 2023 billion in 500 but could reach with the support of the logistics industry and Izmir also said that it has the potential to become Europe's logistics center.

Izmir University Foreign Trade, Finance and Logistics Department Head Assoc. Dr. M. Hakan Sharp, XIII, one of Turkey's most comprehensive logistics activity. He participated as a panelist in the Logistics and Supply Chain Congress and "Izmir, Turkey Can the new logistics center and Europe" presented a statement. Sharp, the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index that Turkey is still not at the desired level according to the data, but the case of the countries in the region should not be stressed to Turkey in terms of logistics competitors. Sharp "Izmir, Turkey not only has the potential to be the logistics center of Europe," he said.

Expressing that the Turkish logistics sector is negatively affected by the political problems among the countries that make up the borders, Keskin underlined that the sea transport rate should be increased. Noting that Turkey's sharp a sea country, "sea transport of freight in the world compared to other modes On an opposite situation in Turkey. Today the road is done in more than 90 percent of freight traffic in Turkey. There is a significant imbalance between modes of transport. More than 800 thousand trucks circulate on the roads. 100 thousand of them are trucks, that is, tow trucks with a trailer on the back. This figure is said to be more than in 10 European countries. ”

to cooperate with the early domestic and foreign firms 2000s, overseas offices opened, continuously increased its quality of service, stating that Prof. great importance for a dynamic sector which has become Turkey's $ 2023 billion export target in 500 to maintain the momentum of the Turkish logistics sector. Dr. Sharp, "We say that we will make new investments in Turkey, we draw foreign capital and will reach the export target of $ 500 billion. Investments need to be supported by logistic investments to bring the expected benefits. We need to be in more coordination on this matter. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve the foreseen goals. ”

In terms of geographical location, Turkey is not the opponent in the area, but Sharp is reminiscent of sectoral success also requires international cooperation, the words continued as follows:

“The global trade trend is towards shifting production centers to Asian countries. Therefore, moving the production in Asia to the Western markets creates new logistics opportunities. Accordingly, we know that logistics projects such as numerous, multinational, large-scale, long-term railway lines, international transit highways, crude oil or natural gas pipeline projects have been developed. It's like passing through or around the project creates a very different Turkey many advantages to our country. Global actors are aware of this, and if we are aware of it and do what we need, we don't have a logistical rival. ”

Stating that all the features required by logistics centers are combined in İzmir, Assoc. Dr. M. Hakan Keskin said:

“İzmir, which has been hosting logistics operations as a port city for thousands of years, has a geographical advantage as the gateway to the west of the giant budget projects that connect Asia to the West via the Caucasus. When the Izmir-Istanbul Highway project is completed, an important transportation problem will be solved. When Kemalpaşa Logistics Center Project is completed with a storage capacity of 3 million square meters and 14 thousand containers, İzmir will develop in terms of logistics. As İzmir begins to become a logistics center, production centers in Anatolia such as Denizli, Manisa, Aydın, Uşak, Ankara, Bursa will be easier and cheaper to travel abroad by sea. However, both physical and legal infrastructural shortcomings must be eliminated as soon as possible. I would like to emphasize that our competitors are Piraeus both in terms of geographical location and port structure and that we should not waste time. ”

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