Continue to stall at İZBAN and Metro

IZBAN and Metro continue to suffer: IZBAN and Metro suffering of citizens who are victims of transfer system made the ceiling. The biggest concern of citizens traveling in the case of fish stacks was the security weakness. Harassment in vehicles has become the nightmare of female passengers. These moments were also reflected in the photo frames. Following the transfer system initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on 29 June 2014, the suffering of the citizens continues exponentially. For this reason, citizens who have to travel a fish hoard in İZBAN and Metro every morning and evening have put İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the rain of criticism through their social media accounts. While some citizens are in danger of being crushed because of the heavy crowd, female passengers stated that they experience great victimization due to the harassing attitudes.

“They cut it before 90 minutes expire”

Many citizens find it difficult to get on the vehicles arriving in the morning and evening due to the density, and have to wait for the next vehicle. Citizens who claimed that security officers could not fulfill their control and audit duties due to the intensity, said on social media, “They have loaded all the jobs on the security officers. Sorry, there is no danger. ”He wrote his complaints. Citizens also stated that the trips made within 90 minutes should be free in the transfer system, although the process was said to be successful when the card was printed during peak hours, but also claimed that the fee was cut before 90 minutes.

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