İZBAN brake was not removed

📩 07/12/2018 17:41

İZBAN did not remove the brake for the workplace representative: Security-Work Union of TÜRK-İş İzmir İZBAN Business Start-up Officer Mustafa Özgüç won the case for employment reopening after being dismissed for his unionization work.

Security-Business Union of TURK-Is-Izmir Izmir İZBAN Business Start-up Officer Mustafa Özgüç won the case for employment reopening after he was dismissed for his unionization activities. The court decided to return Mustafa Özgüç to work and pay his wages and all other rights for the remaining days on the basis of the article i Security of the trade union representative di in the Unions and Collective Labor Agreements numbered 6356. This process which took place in İzmir Banliyo System (İZBAN), which is a joint production of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, continued as follows: Mustafa Özgüç started to work as a security officer on 8 April 2010 while the stations were still under construction. Despite the fact that there were security personnel, the company, which was at the stage of the new formation, undertook all kinds of maintenance and repair works with the help of other friends until the construction work. 7.5 became a member of the Security-Work Union on 1 November 2014. 25 made 265 a member of the union. However, the management of trade union activities learned the martial law launched. According to Özgüç, the security officers were not allowed to rest outside the 30 minute break and the station operators were sent to keep the 7.5 clock standing. Many station operators have implemented it. Later on, 16 minutes were recorded and the contract was terminated on 5 December 2014 without any severance pay notice.

Mustafa Özgüç filed a lawsuit against the subcontractor Öztaşlar Guvenlik with the main employer İZBAN, citing the unfair termination of the employment contract. Izmir 13. The case in the Labor Court was concluded on 17 November 2015. The court decided that Mustafa Özgüç should be reinstated to the subcontractor Öztaşlar Security Protection. He also requested that both employers pay the wages and other rights between the date of termination and the date on which the decision was finalized, provided that the plaintiff does not exceed the representative period. And since the date of the finalization of the decision, if Mustafa Özgüç was not started within 6 working days on the condition that he applied for the job, he accepted that the business relationship should continue and he decided that his wages and other rights should be paid by both employers during the representation period.

Mustafa Özgüç, 21 In November, Aydınlık newspaper's Izmir Representative Hayati Özcan was thanked. Evaluating the court's decision, Ozguc said: arkadaş This success has not been achieved by my work but by the work of our colleague 400. This victory has raised the morale of the worker. Bu

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