Swiss Railways (CFF) dismiss 900 employee

Swiss Railways (CFF) dismiss the 900 employee: Swiss Railways (CFF) announced that 2020 employees will be dismissed by 900 and 1.75 will save about 1 billion Swiss francs by XNUMX.

The CFF announced the launch of its cost reduction program and announced that this savings plan would find 2030 billion francs by 20. CFF Director Andreas Meyer made a statement on this subject. In order to compete with them, it was inevitable for us to make this savings. Bizim While these events were developing, the statement from the union affiliated to the employees of the CFF (SEV) said that the 900 employee considered the dismissal as a start, and that the future of this would be the future, saying sendika we will take the necessary measures in advance Bu. It was also stated that it was wrong to say that the public transport will need less employees in the coming years.

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