Station Square Completed

Station Square Completed: After the high-speed train station was taken to the underground, the Station Square, which started its work, was completed and entered service. After the asphalt floor was painted in the Station Square, the benches were also placed.

In the statement made on the subject, “Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality teams completed their work at the Station Square. The works at the Station Square, which came into service after the placement of the benches, could not be completed due to the delay in the removal of the OEDAŞ transformer. In the Station Square, the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality painted an area of ​​​​about 2 thousand square meters by making a printed pattern asphalt process. Approximately 10 thousand 500 square meters of stone were applied for the square, and the sidewalks and walking areas were completed. In the Station Square, where the new junction is also arranged, the Park and Gardens Branch Office placed 18 benches in the flower beds and sitting areas. Station Square, which adds beauty to the appearance of Eskişehir, is appreciated by the citizens. kazanwas. The citizens, sitting on the benches, both rested and enjoyed the newly formed view in the city.

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