Istanbul's metro network 2019 will be the 400 mileage

Istanbul's metro network will be 2019 kilometers in 400: IMM President Kadir Topbaş said that the metro networks in Istanbul will exceed 2019 kilometers in 400.

Zhao Yide, Governor of Zhejiang Province of the People's Republic of China, visited Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş with a delegation.

Speaking at the meeting held at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) building in Saraçhane, Mayor Kadir Topbaş stated that they were pleased to host the Chinese Delegation in Istanbul and reminded that IMM is a sister municipality with Shanghai and Guanjou cities.

Istanbul and that the information about the delegation's investment IMM Kadir, said that further increased after a visit to China's President Erdogan constantly developing cooperation between Turkey and China in recent years.

Emphasizing that better relations between city administrations improve relations between countries and that cities bear responsibility on an international scale, Topbaş noted that serious metro investments continue in Istanbul as in China.

Metro network 400 will exceed kilometers

Stating that they started to establish a metro network in Istanbul with the municipal resources and that the central government supported them by starting the construction of new lines, Topbaş said, “The metro network, which was 41 kilometers when I took office, will exceed 2019 kilometers when we arrive in 400. China around 350 subway cars for one of these lines and Turkish firms will jointly produce in Turkey. These technologies are making efforts to come to Turkey and Istanbul. We are also closely following your intense activities on the metrobus lines in China. We built a 52-kilometer metrobus line in Istanbul in a very short time. It is still in high demand, ”he said.

Stating that “We are taking important steps for Istanbul to become a finance, congress, fair and tourism center”, Topbaş stated that Istanbul is on the way to become a very important transfer center between east and west. Topbaş added that after the completion of the 3rd Airport, which is under construction for Far Eastern countries on their way to Europe, they will have the opportunity to fly a total of 4 hours less round trip.

Stating that he came to Istanbul for the first time, Zhao Yide, the Governor of Zhejiang Province and the Secretary General of Hangzhou Municipality, said, "Before going to Antalya, we stopped by your city because there are points where we need to learn from investments and projects in Istanbul."

Yide said, “Istanbul has a really big name, a brand city. When we came to Istanbul, we saw that it is more developed than many cities in Europe. As Elayeti, we will be pleased to share knowledge and experience with you ”.

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