Railroad Soma will increase the attractiveness of OSB

The railway will increase the attractiveness of Soma OIZ: Soma Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) President Hakan Işık noted that a total of 1200 decares of land determined for the establishment of an organized industrial zone (OIZ) in the district is at the expropriation stage.

600 said the preliminary demand for the 500 turnover of the ready-to-use field has been received. Işık also stated that an application was made by 28 for the allocation of space in the region.

Soma TSO President Hakan Işık gave information about the works to be carried out during the establishment of Soma OIZ. Işık, “With the support of the former Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Nihat Ergün and Manisa Industry and Technology Provincial Director Erbil Kalmış; On December 30, 2013, the establishment protocol of Soma OIZ was approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Industrial Zones. The establishment protocol of Soma OIZ was entered in the registry as 'Registration Number: 294' and its legal entity was registered. In the continuation of the process, a public interest decision was taken on 25 August 2014 with the consent of the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Fikri Işık. In the continuation of the decision of public interest, the expropriation authority was transferred by the Soma OIZ Enterprising Committee to Soma Municipality, which has a 49 percent share. A total of 1200 decares of land is in the expropriation stage, and a preliminary request was received for 600 decares of 500 decares of usable area. Demand building continues for the remaining areas. Although it is planned to employ 1000 people in the first stage, a total of 2 thousand to 2 thousand 500 people are expected to be employed ”.


For the sake of the resources needed for the remaining land expropriation Turkey Coal Enterprises (TKI) and General Directorate of Soma Electricity Generation and Trade Inc. (Seaside) Soma TSO President Light indicating that the Directorate General of partnership call is made, "TKI General Directorate and Seaside General Directorate institutions were referred to the High Planning Council, which convened under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister with the approval of the Ministry of Energy. With the approval of the High Planning Council, expropriation will start again. The latest situation reached in the Soma Organized Industrial Zone was the transfer of the 51 percent share of Soma TSO from the 13.33 percent participation share of the Soma TSO to the Governorship of Manisa, with the approval of the OIZ Entrepreneur Committee on July 27, 2015, with its decision number 4. As a result of the decision of the High Planning Council, it gave 49 percent of the Soma Municipality's 20 percent share to SEAŞ and 20 percent to TKİ. In the last case, 28 investors made a preliminary request to Soma Organized Industrial Zone ”.


Finally, referring to why Soma was chosen for the OIZ, Işık said, “It is 70 kilometers from the biggest port of our country to be built in İzmir-Çandarlı and the port makes Soma OIZ among the priority places to invest. The Istanbul-Izmir highway, under construction, will pass through our district and the Soma OSB highway entrance will be 4 kilo meters. The highway and Çandarlı Port connection will also be from our district and Soma OIZ will be the first to benefit from the highway. Bandırma-İzmir freight and passenger transportation and Mixed High Speed ​​Train project will only pass through our district in our city. The fact that the Soma station is located in the neighboring parcel with the Soma OIZ will increase the attraction of Soma OIZ. Soma OIZ Çandarlı Port is the Soma OIZ with the highest incentive on the Izmir-Bandırma mixed high speed train line. The economy of our district, which has a population of 100 thousand as of the current situation, will rise with the OIZ, will allow our district to develop further, and by increasing its contribution to the country's economy, it will increase its deserved value and dignity ”.

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