Etis 2016 is growing in distribution logistics

Growing in distribution logistics, Etis is also ambitious in 2016: Drawing attention in the sector with its integrated logistics solutions, Etis Logistics participated in the Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair held on 18-20 November 2015 and shared its innovations and services. Declaring 2015 as the year of growth in distribution logistics and getting stronger by making investments in this direction, Etis Logistics is also preparing for 2016 ambitiously.

Etis Logistics, joining the Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair, which is the international meeting point of the most important logistics brands of the world, met with its business partners, customers and industry players at the fair. Etis Logistics shared its innovations and services with visitors at the fair held in Istanbul Expo Center.

General Manager of Etis Logistics Erdal Kilic, meeting point of the sector to the meeting as well as every year, the Logitrans Transport Fair with customers and solution partners said that they came together in the fair.

Erdal Kılıç, who reminded that the average 50 grew in the last three years, announced that they plan to close the year with a turnover of 240 million TL. This year, 15 2015 growth rate that predicts the Sword, especially in the field of distribution logistics in the field of cooperation with the strengthened said. Reminding that the first warehouse investment in distribution logistics was realized in Kıraç, İstanbul, Kılıç stated that they continued their investments in infrastructure and IT, and recently announced that they planned a similar warehouse investment in the Anatolian side. Erdal Kılıç, 2016, water, beverages, chain stores and agricultural logistics in the shopping center and furniture logistics after the new customers will continue to grow said.

Erdal Kılıç also mentioned about his investments abroad and said that they are focusing on emerging markets. These markets as China, Africa, Egypt and Russia, which counted the Sword, said that there are attempts to China among these markets. In the 2016 of Turkey stated that China was prepared to sell fresh fruits and Sword, "This shows that the market actually here for other industrial products contain what great opportunities. As Etis Logistics, we moved to China with a local partner in order to facilitate exports, organize the logistics infrastructure and ensure easy access of the exporter to this market. The first data from our negotiations with the Chinese market shows that by establishing a common platform, we will have the first step in 2016 to facilitate the access of our exporters to the Chinese market. We will implement this by establishing a logistics center in China and organizing the storage and distribution infrastructure with a local partner. Bunu

2 bin 600 provides logistic service to the point

Erdem Kılıç noted that Etis has been growing in the sector with its first bulk and industrial freight logistics and has reached its present as a regional prevalence, operational competence and human resources in a short period of time. Etis is now able to carry out logistic operations at different locations in 30. he said he had. Sword, "Etis, this geographical advantage and operational prevalence organizations with the ability to simultaneously whilst all 2 thousand in Turkey can provide access to different points of logistics," he said.

Erdal Kılıç underlined that Etis is working in two main fields of activity: integrated logistics and distribution logistics. On the logistics side, Kılıç said that they focused on supply chain and warehouse management and urban distribution. Lı Etis has an important transportation pool in the logistics market with its sub-contractor with over 1,000 thousand subcontractors, both self-owned fleet vehicles and 20. . Daily 10 with a load capacity of over a thousand tons a day 4 times a day to travel around the world can perform this large pool, un he said.

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