Tender Announcement: The radio will be purchased

TCDD Operation 7. Regional Directorate
Handheld radio will be purchased

Article 1 - Information on the business owner
1.1. Business owner administration:
a) Name: TCDD. Operation 7. Regional Manager AFYONKARAHİSAR
b) Address: Aliçetinkaya Mah. GAR- AFYONKARAHİSAR
c) Phone number: 0 272 2137621 / 316
d) Fax number: 0 272 2141943
e) e-mail address: www.tcdd.gov.tr ​​(tcddihalekomisyonuafyon@mynet.com)
f) Name, surname and title of the person concerned: İbrahim KARAASLAN - 7. District Traffic Manager
1.2. Tenderers may obtain information about the tender by contacting the personnel from the above addresses and numbers.

Article 2- Information on the subject of the tender
Goods subject to the tender;
a) Name: 80 hands-free radio stations (according to technical specifications) to workplaces connected to the Traffic Directorate.
b) JCC registration number: 2015 / 151362
c) Amount and type: 2015 year planned investment is the work of receiving 80 hands-free radio (according to technical specifications).
d) Delivery: TCDD 7. Regional Traffic Directorate.
e) Other information: The materials subject to the tender shall be delivered by the contractor in a working condition.

Article 3-Tender Information
Information on the tender;
a) Tender procedure: Article 4734 - TxD Goods and Service Purchase Regulation by means of 3 TCC 15-g - Open Tender Procedure
b) The address of the tender shall be: TCDD Enterprise 7. Regional Office Aliçetinkaya Mah.
c) Tender date: 01 / 12 / 2015
d) Tender time: 14 / 30
e) Tender commission meeting place: TCDD Enterprise 7. Regional Directorate Training and Meeting Room

tender document-2015_151362

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