Method to mitigate energy costs from IETT

IETT method to alleviate energy costs: IETT established the first wind turbine to generate electricity from wind energy to contribute to the reduction of energy costs in the Beylikdüzü metrobüs park area.

IETT established wind turbine generating electricity from wind energy in Beylikdüzü metrobüs park area.

According to the IETT statement, IETT is putting its signature under projects to prepare the ground for the efficiency of costs and the efficient use of financial resources for the 2023 vision.

In this direction, IETT established wind turbines in Beylikdüzü metrobüs park area, which has high electricity generation capacity from wind energy, to contribute to the efficient use of energy and to reduce energy costs.

The system, which works independently from the mains and provides electricity to the Beylikdüzü metrobus operation building, will produce about 17 thousand kilowatts per year. The electricity produced will be transferred to the system after it is stored in the batteries.

8 thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per annum will prevent the system and 350 wood to contribute to the system will be installed in all the garage and platform with good wind values ​​is aimed.

IETT will set up an Energy Management Center in 2016 and will monitor and report on Energy Producing Facilities at a distance.

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