Hungary Trams in Africa

Hungarian Trams in Africa: The prototype tram produced by Hungarian tram manufacturer Dunai Repülögepgyar for African countries was delivered to Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa. The tram produced was actually made in Szeged, Hungary in 2010. However, the current trams produced have been redesigned by making some changes compared to the previous ones.

Trams with 33,8 m length and 63,4 ton weight were designed as 35 low ground. Trams have a total of 50 passengers, including 233 occupants. The maximum speed of the trams is 70 km / h.

Dunai Repülögepgyar is making various attempts to make the production of trams in Ethiopia. It also strives to make a line to test the trams. The firm sent a team to make joint studies and analyzes to Addis Ababa. Moreover, the company wants to have a voice not only in Ethiopia but also in other African countries.


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