Siemens Avenio Trams in the City of Den Haag in the Netherlands

Siemens Avenio Trams Started in Den Haag City of Holland: The Avenio trams, which were produced by Siemens in the Dutch city of Den Haag to provide urban transportation, were put into service for passengers. The trams produced in Siemens' factory in Vienna were put into service on the 2nd tram line of the city of Den Haag on November 2, after the test drives in the past months.

HTM, the city of Den Haag tram operator, has ordered 2011 units of the Avenio tram with its agreement with Siemens in 40. In 2013, the 20 Avenio tram was added to this order. The total cost of these orders will be approximately 2 million Euros. It is expected that the delivery of all of the produced Avenio trams will be in 5.

Avenio trams have a length of 35 m and a width of 2,55 m. Trains have a total of 70 passenger capacity, including 168 units and 238 standing units. 49 6 engines move the 120 kW power trams. The maximum speed of trains is 70 km per hour.

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