Dreams of Havaray Facts 11US

Dreams havaray facts 11ÜS: Mesut Kösedağı, who made a group talk about IETT's 2016 budget, claimed that public transportation was a ordeal for citizens. Kösedağı, which gives the example of 11ÜS (Üsküdar - Sultanbeyli), one of the most crowded lines of IETT, used the phrase “Dreams are havaray but the facts are 11 ÜS”.

On behalf of CHP on IETT 2016 budget Kadıköy and IMM Council Member Mesut Kösedağı gave a speech. "While presenting this speech, I will present it to you with a passenger who has been using IETT for about 20 years, not with my identity as a councilor," said Kösedağı; “Thank you so much. Now, using public transportation has become so cruel that I had to buy a car. You made the promise that the bad neighbor makes the tenant a landlord. ”

A human fit record?
Kösedağı said, “Contrary to your mission and vision definition in most of the 720 bus lines in Istanbul, metrobus and tramway; It is made of crowded, stuffy, often air conditioned, not arriving on time, not getting on from the crowd when coming, and not getting off easily when getting on. I understand that receive a lot of awards from İETT Europe and Turkey. What are the award criteria of the organizations that give you these awards? For example, is it the highest human fit record in a bus or the longest standing passenger transport record? ” He spoke in the form.

No bus
Stating that IETT is completely against the allocation of IETT vehicles to other institutions and political parties, Kösedağı said, “It is not the duty of IETT to carry people to rallies, carry police to social events, and serve service to courthouses. Let the police go, buy the vehicles, the courthouses deal with the service companies, and the political parties should rent their buses from the tour companies. Nobody has the right to use the buses of Istanbul people for free and to disrupt their flights. ” Kösedağı ended his words as follows: “Mr. Topbaş said that approximately 2016 billion lira was allocated for transportation in the 8 budget. He also talked about the air. I also invited Mr. Mümin Kahvevi and Kadir Topbaş to take the 11ÜS (Üsküdar - Sultanbeyli) line on the day and time they wanted to get back from the back door. Today, I repeat the same offer and I say 'dreams havaray, the truth is 11 base.' CHP voted for the IETT budget.

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