Tram Action in Gaziantep

Tram Action in Gaziantep: Due to the intersection work carried out at the entrance of Karataş in Gaziantep, the tram services, which have been continuing for 5 months, have enraged the citizen. Citizens getting off the tram at the Burç Crossroads in the evening reacted to the lack of transfer buses and closed the road to traffic.

The tram services that continue with a transfer from the Burç Junction cause reactions due to both overcrowding and not arriving on time for the transfer buses.

In the action, which took place around 18:00 in the evening, the passengers getting off the trams first called the Alo 153 line of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and conveyed their complaints due to the lack of buses. About a thousand people who got off 7 trams in a row started to wait for transfer buses.

Dozens of citizens seeking Alo 153 have responded to their complaints and complaints. Despite the complaints about a half-hour bus to return home from the work of the citizens who infuriated. Some of the citizens who were frustrated by the lack of transport buses closed the road to traffic.

In the meantime, verbal discussions between vehicle drivers and citizens took place. Short-term brawl ended with the arrival of transport buses.

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