In Eskişehir Caused Faulty Park Traffic Accident

In Eskişehir, a car park caused a traffic accident: a car in Eskişehir, trams and other cars parked in a car accident as a result of a vehicle crash occurred in property damage.

According to information received, on the two September Street 26 VL 639 plate used by İ.HT, ZH 7 used by the homeland in the direction of the SSK-Bus Station 26 trams by the roadside and parked in the car parked between the 748 NK 20 cars. As a result of the jam in the vehicle İ.HT accident was saved without injury. Approx. 71 minutes Bus Station-XNUMX Tram transport to the direction of Evler-Emek disrupted. The trapped car was rescued from the location of the tram.

It was learned that after the accident, the car driver who made the wrong parking will be penalized. After the car was rescued, the car, which was not used, was taken to the car park with the help of the tow truck. Accident occurred in the place where the accident occurred voicing citizens, reacted to the situation.



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