Erdenet-Ovoo railway construction begins

Erdenet-Ovoo railway construction works are under way: Shivee Energy projects complex for energy exports will be implemented.

For the preparation of the strategic complex Shivee-Ovoo coal mine-based energy complexes, the project team was set up under kompleks Erdenes Mongol o LLC. Energy Minister D.Zorigt will be the President of the Project Team and decide on the necessary staff and financing and reflect on the budget plans of the next year.

Infrastructure works for railway construction in Erdenet-Ovoo
For the construction of the 581 km railway between Erdenet and Ovoo of Orhun province, it was decided to issue the special license arı Nortern Railways'lik LLC with 5 annually. Within the framework of the concession agreement, the Minister of Road and Transport D.Zorigt was assigned to supervise the construction and operation of the infrastructure of the company.

The tir Nortern Railways UM LLC will own the railway project between Erdenet-Ovoo and 30 for a period of mes project-build-operate-transfer işlet and will transfer the structure to 100 when the concession agreement expires.

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