Natural Gas Reached to Erciyes Ski Center

Natural Gas Reached to Erciyes Ski Center: Natural gas, one of the investments under the Erciyes Master Plan, was delivered to Erciyes. Stating that Erciyes gained another value in the ceremony organized due to the delivery of natural gas to the facilities in Erciyes, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Çelik made a wish for a season without trouble.

In the ceremony, which was held due to the natural gas reaching the summit by Kayserigaz, Erciyes AŞ General Manager and Chairman of the Board Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı did it. Stating that Erciyes gained a new face with Master Plan, Cıngı said that Metropolitan Municipality continues to invest in Erciyes without avoiding any sacrifice. Cıngı thanked Kayserigaz and other investor organizations that invested in Erciyes and stated that they will continue to record innovations and developments in Erciyes. Cıngı said, “As long as the Metropolitan Municipality is behind us, we will continue to step on the gas.” he spoke.

Kayserigaz General Manager Hasan Yasir Bora said that the climate and geography of Erciyes pushed them very hard, but they still managed to extract natural gas, which is clean energy, to Erciyes. Expressing that all hotels and facilities can use natural gas and spend 11 million TL for this investment, Bora said, “But this investment was required for Erciyes. Because Erciyes Master Plan has revealed a world-class winter tourism center. The natural gas line that we deliver to Erciyes will continue until Develi. We will deliver the line to Develi before entering December. ” said.

On the other hand, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that road and water were seen as indicators of civilization and said, “Electricity was added to the road and water later. Then, internet and telecom infrastructures were shown as indicators of civilization. Natural gas was added to this later. Erciyes, the economic value of Kayseri, gained a new value with the arrival of natural gas. ” spoke in the form.

Expressing that KASKİ and KCETAŞ have completed their infrastructure investments in Erciyes, and the natural gas company they saw in the team has also been ready for the season with the delivery of natural gas, President Çelik made a wish for an accident-free season and thanked those who contributed to the investments.

After the speeches, President Mustafa Çelik burned the torches symbolizing the delivery of natural gas to Erciyes with his accompanying people.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:30

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