Does the speed train pass through

The high speed train passes from Duzce: Duzce Municipality has started the studies and technical researches to pass the high speed train from Duzce. The step for the high-speed train, which is of great importance in the transportation network, was taken.
Duzce Municipality, Ministry of Transport General Directorate of State Railways to pass the high-speed train from Düzce with Japanese experts, technical work was performed.

Duzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, 17 August and 12 November 1999 earthquakes in Duzce, known for his work after the Japanese Professor. Dr. He met with Shigeru Kakumoto at the General Directorate of State Railways.

Şinkansen, which means ”super speed train ı, is very well known in the transportation sector. The average speed increases to 300 km. This means going from Istanbul to Ankara in less than two hours. Moreover, it is often expensive and distressing to go to the city center from the airports, which are usually out of the city, while only the train station is reached by train, and it is very easy to reach the city within the city by other trains. In Japan, the sea, the top or the mountains are not an obstacle for trains. The high-speed train, which is a rail vehicle that allows faster travel than normal trains, is one of the best rail systems in the world. Shinkansen (high-speed train) with a speed of up to 450 Km has a very strong track system and an earthquake warning system is also available. The train stopped before the earthquake started or started.

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