In Greece the cable car was 5 pounds

In Denizli, the cable car was 5 pounds: the cable car which was opened by Denizli Municipality for one month free of charge. When 22 became 5 pounds per person from November, hundreds of meters of human queues were left. With the fall of demand every day thousands of people have accumulated the front of the gondola sub-station is empty dolu Free when the city buses 22T number, from the central station every half an hour to the cable car subway station in Bagbasi transported full passengers, while now the passenger of the cable car has been reduced to almost no. Authorities, the number of people riding on the ropeways on weekdays 500'u not found, came with their own special tools, he said. 5 pounds, 2 kilometers to the plateau of the minibus with the arrival and departure from the ropeway and landing. For the four services, the 1.25 is penny.

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