Denizli Toll Line Maintenance Break

Denizli Toll Line Maintenance Break: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last month put into service and 1 135 thousand people boarded the rope free of charge, will be taken for maintenance will be closed. 5 will be closed during the day and will be re-opened after routine control and maintenance.

17 was installed free of charge in the month after the 135 was put into service in October with the aim of enriching the social life of the residents and allowing them to spend time in nature. After one month of free service, routine control and maintenance will be done. For the safer and more comfortable travel of the citizens, the facility will be taken care of between 16 - 20 November and will be closed during this time. The cable car and the people who want to use the Bağbaşı Plateau plateau facilities can visit after the maintenance was announced. 21 after the maintenance work in November, said the ropeway will come into service again.

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