Railway will double the dental trade volume of Çorum

The railway will multiply the dental trade volume of Çorum: Nearly 70 SMEs in Çorum, which is one of the important production centers of Anatolia with its 500 years of industrial culture, export many products from jewelry to eggs, shoes to syringes, pasta to bathroom equipment and machine parts to 137 countries. .

Approximately 70 SMEs in Çorum, one of the important production centers of Anatolia with its 500 years of industrial culture, export many products from jewelry to eggs, shoes to syringes, pasta to bathroom utensils and machine parts to 137 countries.

Corum Commerce and Industry Chamber (TSO) Chairman Çetin Başaranhıncal, AA said in a statement to reporters, especially the Hittite civilization, including the Corum hosts significant value in the field of tourism developed rapidly at the beginning industrialization drive in the 1960s of the cities industrialized in Turkey He said it was one.

Başaranhıncal stated that the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs managed to have Çorum's name written among the “Anatolian Tigers” with the investments they made without government support. kazanHe drew attention to the fact that they set an example for Turkey by creating a development model called the “Çorum Model for Development” with its entrepreneurial structure that "doesn't expect everything from the state" and invested in Çorum.

Starting with tile-brick in the city, machinery industry, iron-steel casting, copper-zinc and magnesium alloys, automotive subsidiary industry, auto-radiator and auto heater, sanitary and ceramic products, yarn, textile, shoes, textile and sanitary equipment. Stating that manufacturing is carried out in nearly 100 sectors, Başaranhıncal noted that they produce in nearly 500 facilities throughout the province.

Turkey Statistical Institute striking made 9 million dollars of exports in the first 291-month period, according to data from Çorum Başaranhıncal, he stressed that last year experienced an increase of 66 percent compared to the same period.

Considering the increase in exports, it is predicted that the exports at the end of the year will exceed 450 million dollars, and said, "Considering the export of our industrial establishments whose production center is in Çorum and the company headquarters is located in big cities, it is a fact that our total exports in 2015 will reach 600 million dollars." .

Başaranhıncal stated that the import, which was 9 million 117 thousand dollars in the first 500 months of the last year, increased by 9 percent in the first 109 months of this year and reached 245 million 415 thousand dollars, “A significant part of the export of our city, which is exported to 137 countries in five continents, is carried out by the machinery industry. One of the biggest reasons for the increase in imports in 2015 is the transition to a technology-based production model in the machinery industry. Thanks to technological production, our industrialists, who increase both production quality, production speed and production unit, create significant added value for our city and country ”.

Turkey's one of the biggest problems in the economic sense, "deficit" that underlines the Başaranhıncal, Çorum, by exporting much more than it imported stressed that provide a significant contribution to reducing the deficit.

Stating that the "International Competitiveness Improvement Project" (UR-GE) carried out by the Ministry of Economy was also implemented in Çorum under the leadership of TSO, Başaranhıncal said, “As TSO, we carry out UR-GE Projects in two separate sectors, namely Food Processing Machinery and Soil Industry. In this way, our producers can enter new markets and compete not with each other but with their global competitors. In addition to the new investments are currently organized industrial zones in our shoes and the completion of the machinery industry in Corum, Turkey on foreign trade in general will have taken its place in the forefront of much more "the assessment found.

Başaranhıncal emphasized that the main factor that will increase the foreign trade volume of Çorum is the railway, and noted that with the implementation of the Ankara-Çorum-Samsun Railway Project, which is included in the investment program of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the producers in Çorum can open to foreign markets with much lower costs.

Başaranhıncal said, “The railway will double the foreign trade volume. Our industrialists, who will gain a significant competitive power with the railway, will be able to provide much more added value to our country's struggle with the current account deficit by increasing the exports of our city many times.

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