Railroad leaves the Çorum industry

Railway flees the Çorum industry: Çorum stating that they can not be an yolcu opposition ileş thought in terms of service CHP Çorum deputy Tufan Köse, Çorumlu's struggle for industrialization with its own entrepreneurial power and self-sacrifice is in the expectation of a railroad ıs in the name of freight and passenger transportation. MPs said they were ready to act together on every platform.

CHP Çorum Deputy, Tufan Köse Administrative Officer, Umut Radio 'White Microphone' program was a guest.

In the program prepared and presented by Meltem Consultant Çınar, Tufan Köse 1 evaluated the November election results. Köse said, yol No result that leads to power is not a success. It is clear from the current political table that opposition parties cannot read the results of the 7 June election correctly. Mevcut

Transferring his thoughts about the Çorum agenda as well as the country's politics, MP Tufan Köse said: “The industry of Çorum has come to the present day without public support without the support of the state. The employee of the Çorum industry is really good and his employees are doing very well. The most important emergency problem of our city is railway. Both the conventional line, the transport area and the high-speed train. If this is achieved, I believe that our city's industry will fly. Bu

In a television speech of the AK Party deputy Ahmet Sami Ceylan in a television speech 'Çorum problems will be in cooperation with the opposition party's deputy remarks on the words of the words' Tufan Kose,' I said when I was elected first deputy. Not only 76 thousand voters who voted for me but also I am deputy of 500 bin Çorum. I don't doubt Ahmet Sami Ceylan's good intentions. I will follow. Takip

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