Railways will reduce commercial environmental and social costs

Railways to mitigate the environmental and social costs of trade: Turkey, though a small share of rail logistics infrastructure with the potential to reduce transportation costs promises great opportunities. Our commercial, environmental and social costs will be alleviated as long as we transfer the freight transport to railways.

Transportation costs will be reduced by two-and-a-half, carbon dioxide emissions will drop by 40, and accidents will be reduced. In order to expand these benefits and our logistics capacity, railway transportation must be developed. Three main issues; rail laying, logistic village building and wagons are needed.

Although the short-term wagons that are foreseen as 20.000 units can be met with imports, creating domestic manufacturing capability is more economical. In this respect, the only rational choice is the “clustering akıl approach. Clustering, which means that companies working in similar fields cooperate with the aim of creating a product without a product, became famous with Airbus project in the world. When Germany, France, England and Spain came together and created Airbus and became protected from the monopolistic prices of the Boeing planes, the model quickly became widespread. Silicon valley is also an example of clustering. We can take the clustering backwards and carry its roots to the Ottoman organization. Even the construction of the ark of Noah may have inspired the cluster! Clustering is also associated with the Supply Chain, one of today's leading topics; The supply chain is set up to better manage the access of existing products to the market, while a non-clustering product is intended to be sold.

The real wise people who claim that all kinds of requirements of the railway sector can be produced by the indigenous industry and who say, en The rail system is the national cause! Ini set up the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems (ARUS) cluster. At the beginning of ARUS, he started bringing the concept of clustering to our country. Dr. Ziya Burhanettin Guvenc. Burhanettin Hoca defines its targets as ini to produce domestic and national brand rail transportation systems that can compete in world markets from design to final product Bur.

Those who do not want to fall into the state of the automotive sector have to apply the cluster.

Source : Halefşan Sümen - http://www.haberortak.com



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