The Chinese in Edirne-Kars High Speed ​​Train Project

Chinese, Edirne-Kars High Speed ​​Train Project: President Erdogan's visit to China in July, he gave the first clues, 'China's wanted to take part in some high-speed train lines' subject of the G20 Summit was signed with the agreement.

At the G20 summit hosted by Turkey, President Erdogan and Chinese President Xi held a bilateral meeting. With the Railway Cooperation Agreement made at the ministerial level after the meeting, the Chinese are expected to take a role in the Edirne-Kars High Speed ​​​​Train project, which includes 6 different lines. If this giant project, which both countries welcome, is realized, a giant high-speed railway line will be created that will connect Beijing to London. It is stated that the total length of this line is approximately 2 thousand kilometers. Work on this project will accelerate in the next year. kazancost is expected. It is stated that this agreement with China on the railway is worth 30 to 40 billion dollars.

The content of the statements made after the agreement is said that the agreement signed in the framework of Edirne-Kars line is also known to aspire to some of the Chinese high-speed train projects in Turkey. President Erdogan, China in July after his visit to China, Antalya-Izmir railway and 8 said that the different railroad project also. It will be clear in the coming days whether any agreement has been reached at the summit. With the agreement, countries will exchange information on many issues. These include railway planning, design, operation and management.

It is also expected to cooperate with China on railway technology research and the development of railway technical standards.

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