Dalian City Metro Opened in China

Dalian City Metro Opened in China: The first line of the Dalian city subway in China entered service on October 30. The line, which has a length of 17 km, starts from Yaojia in the city and continues to Fuguojie of the city. In fact, there are 13 stations in total. Huananbei station, which is currently in service, is expected to be added to the line in the near future. In addition, some stations can transfer to other lines and tram lines.

Even trains are Type B trains made by CNR. 18 6 line fleet of trains with wagons was produced in CNR's factory in Dalian. At the same time, CNR has produced 20 units for the city's second metro line opened last April.

After the opening of the first line of the Dalian city metro, this line is planned to be extended by 12 km to the south. The line, whose expansion is planned, will run parallel to the tramway number 202 and end in the Hekou region.

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