Cıbıltepe ready for ski season

Cibiltepe ski season is ready: Turkey's major ski centers and the crystal snow quality with outstanding Cibiltepe in Kars Sarıkamış Ski Center was ready for the season.

The works have been completed to a great extent at Cıbıltepe, which is 2 thousand 634 meters above sea level, with long and safe tracks among yellow pine trees, and among the favorite places of domestic and foreign ski lovers.

District Governor Yusuf Izzet Karaman, said in a statement, before the upcoming winter season, especially in the runways and mechanical facilities, extensive and extensive work they do, he said.

Hotels in the city center this season and will enter service in particular stating accommodations with foreign tourists will increase the potential Karaman, "what really happened properties in Turkey, one of the places mentioned, from skiing to mind first is Sarikamish. It is a place where you can enjoy skiing while its natural beauties, yellow pine forests and crystal snow feature are together. We are ready for the tourism season with all kinds of facilities in our ski resort. Sarıkamış may be a cold place, but we will mobilize all kinds of opportunities for local and foreign tourists who will come here with the warmth and hospitality of the people. ”

Karaman, Sarikamish is a very big target and "Turkey's Davos" they said sure u progressing fine.

Stating that Sarıkamış received very serious investments, Karaman said:

“These are also directly linked to effective promotional activities. To the extent we introduce ourselves and satisfy our visitors, there will surely be their return to us. It is not difficult to get here today, regular flights are available from Istanbul, Ankara to Izmir. Today, an airline company started its flights. In the coming days, Turkish Airlines and other airline companies will increase the number of flights to this region. Getting off to Kars Airport, the tourist can reach the ski center in about 25-30 minutes. We will be pleased to see our domestic and foreign guests in Sarıkamış this winter season. ”

Kürşad Geçkalmaz, who will open a 130-bed 4-star hotel in the ski center in January of next year, said that Sarıkamış is one step ahead of other ski centers in terms of both summer and winter tourism and natural beauty.

Stating that he came from İzmir and invested in Sarıkamış, Geçkalmaz said, “Our aim is to provide the best service to local and foreign tourists in this beautiful ski resort in the east. Our hotel, which will be put into service as of January, will meet the expectations of foreign tourists as an infrastructure. We promise to provide all kinds of quality services with our indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna and massage salons. ”

Turkey's longest ski slope in the ski resort where the eight slalom and snowboard tracks 8 thousand per hour with one person's computer equipped with ski lifts with a capacity of 1 pieces.

In addition, there are more than 10 hotels to stay in the ski resort.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:30

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