High speed false in Bursa

High speed wrong to Bursa: Though thought, method and service are nice, will high-speed train bring to Bursa, will it bring you full satisfaction?
No longer…
Besides the…
With the current application Mevcut
Istanbul and Ankara and some other Anatolian cities are connected to each other by high-speed rail lines. Izmir and Sivas, will be.
Bursa is waiting.
Wait, it's gonna take a while.
Ankara's view of Bursa!
Eskişehir, Bursa, such as the big city between Istanbul and Izmir will be a necessary stop between the mutual return.
High-speed train lines for drilling into the mountains and Istanbul's new 3. While the train is about to be passed through the bridge, the project is being carried out with different thoughts for Bursa.
Necati Sahin, who proposed a train line to the bridge of the Gulf of Izmit during his presidency of Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, advocated the accuracy of this method.
with the project ...
Bursa, purpose?
Even for the new highway that will connect Istanbul to the Aegean, Istanbul, which says Lim Istanbul-Izmir Motorway ye, emphasizes the importance of connecting Bursa with Bandırma Port for Bursa's high-speed train and beyond Bursa.
If there will be a high-speed train Yüksek
The city station will be built near the road of Mudanya, resembling an understanding that cares about transferring to Istanbul via the transfer to the sea.
We said D
The issue is the view of Bursa,

Şahin continued to react

Necati Şahin, who was a follower of Bursa's high-speed train process, criticized the hitches and delays.
. We saw the final version of the project by visiting the sites. It really is thought-provoking. Gerçekten
Providing the opportunity for the problems based on the routes and the need for interim planning, it gives the message ili Must be corrected. Güz.

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