Bursa, Aerial Vehicle After Tram

Bursa, After the tram also produce aircraft: Aviation for the manufacturing of the protocol in Bursa, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and was signed between Uludag University. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, rail system vehicles, then the production of aircraft in Bursa officially reported that the work began.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the protocol, Mayor Recep Altepe said that they are happy to realize a new move in developing and growing Bursa. Saying that they have officially started the initiatives that will take the city one step further in the world in the production of aircraft together with UU, Mayor Altepe said, “I hope this decision will lead to beneficial results for our industry, Bursa and our country.”

Previously produced a great success in the production of rail system vehicles in Bursa, zero infrastructure infrastructure in the streets of the city of Bursa with the name of the upper league reminded that they carry wagons, Altepe stressed that a similar strategy will be followed in the production of aircraft. Mayor Altepe said, “We will carry out all kinds of works related to space and aviation, step by step as in rail vehicles. The establishment of facilities for the production of aircraft, the creation of runways and the final control stations are among our activities in our agenda. ”

Made by developing new tools and instruments with protocols, brands by creating Turkey's 2023 objectives Altepe President stating that they want to contribute, "As in the hope rail vehicles we will get results as soon as possible on this issue. 2 has been working on this for years. We want to make Bursa the leader of the aviation industry. With this protocol, we accelerated this business and put it into action. UU Rector Prof.Dr. I would like to thank Yusuf Ulcay and his team..
UU Rector Prof.Dr. Yusuf Ulcay is excited and joyful because of the important decision taken. As in exports, Bursa is in the second position in GNP, indicating that wealth should be riveted by equivalent initiatives such as aviation. Ulcay, "Turkey's easy to articulate but difficult to achieve the target 2023. We, as a university, take part in this initiative in order to contribute to the goals of our city and our country as a result of our responsibility. We want to have an important salt in the soup ”.

Prof. dr. Yusuf Ulcay, expressed great pleasure to sign the protocol, thanked the sensitivity of the Mayor Recep Altepe on the subject. After the speeches, President Altepe and Rector Prof.Dr. Ulcay, signed the protocol together.

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